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01-16(2) Rota

Date Theme P R E A C H I N T R O Gospel Passage Prayers & Chalice Assistant Welcomer/Tea and Coffee C H O I R TC JC O R G A N Song Numbers all are in Hymns O&N or     w- worship sheet B A P T
John 1 Mel and Laura
03-Jan Epiphany Carol Service AJ Acts 18.1-23 Breakfast * none SE LS *
SP2 6.30PM AJ Luke 3.15-22
10-Jan True Friend DM ST Acts 23.12-22 Ed Ed and Laura BH SM LS
17-Jan Telling Truth DM AJ acts 25 13-32 Mary Prichard Charlotte PM SE DN
Luke 4.14-21
24-Jan Total Trust ST DM Acts27 & 28 John Tooze Lizzi & Victor BH SM WR
Bring and Share Lunch
31-Jan Christingle DM Winston and Alison * PM SE DN
07-Feb Breakfast DM SE Jer 18.1-12 Helen V & Donella Anne-Marie/Brian none SM LS
In the Potters shop Luke 9.28-36 and Margaret
SP2 6.30PM AJ Luke 4.1-13
14-Feb Buying a Field ST AJ jer 31 &32 Sadie Sadie & Jonathan none SE DN
Jer 36 Paul and
21-Feb Burning a scroll DM SE Luke 13.31-35 Jchurch/Teen Ch Simone BH SM LS
Luke 13.1-9 Mel, Saffron
28-Feb Down in the well AJ SM Jer 38.1-13 Sally and John Layla pm SE WR
Shoulder to Shoulder
06-Mar Mother’s Day DM PM Ruth 1 Sue Josham Brian and Margaret * BH SM LS