lucy sansomMy name’s Lucy Sansom and I took over the main organ duties at St. Michael’s at Easter 2015.  I also continue to play the piano in the worship band and in church generally accompanying people when required.  I love my job!  The Rev. David Moss has recently given me the title of Musical Director with which I am delighted.  I hope I can live up to this grand name as I am a competent pianist (but nothing special), an adequate organist and have a quiet but (mostly) in tune, singing voice.  However, it is extremely exciting to be growing and learning all the time whilst working – a middle-aged apprenticeship!  It is a pleasure to play music to praise the Lord and to be able to work with and learn from so many talented people – David Moss, David Nash, Jonathan Westrup, Richard Edwards, Charlotte Atterton, Paul Marshall, Jenna Coles, Shaun McCrindle, Ed Burgess, Will Rolls, to name but a few!  I think there are some more people I will be meeting and learning from in the future.

Since October 2015, Richard Edwards, Charlotte Atterton and I have been running St. Michael’s Children’s Choir which is so much fun.  The children are great fun and a delight to work with.  They have already sung in church on several occasions.  We meet weekly on a Monday evening 6-6.45pm in church.  All children are welcome to join us.  If your child likes it, they can have a t-shirt and become a fully fledged member of a choir.  Please ask one of us if you are interested.

Music has become my life in recent years, and I am now a full time piano teacher as well as playing in various bands, I play for a hymn sing-a-long in Redcliffe Methodist church, in the pub, in an old people’s home and much more.  I have a website if you are interested in seeing what I do.  I am very grateful to St. Michael’s for letting me host my half yearly piano concerts for my students in the church.  You can see lots of photos and a couple of videos on my website or and Facebook page – Lucy Sansom Piano Teacher.  I am very grateful in general to St. Michael’s for giving me the opportunity to start to become who I want to be.