Sunday 17th May
Book launch at church of The Creative Year
Jane Lee with Tangent Books for St Michaels on the arts projects across the church, its parish and wider communities (264pp).

The launch was attended by the Rt Revd Mike Hill, Bishop of Bristol, Richard Jones from Tangent, author Jane Lee and many of the book’s contributors from across the church-arts spectrum.  We strongly recommend the book for its portrayal of the arts at St Michael’s and its artistic links in the Parish, and think it will be of great interest to wider church and creativecommunities. We’re delighted that Bishop Mike and Dr David Hoyle, Dean of Bristol Cathedral, have contributed forewords to the book, and at the book signing with Bishop Mike and the author – a very good time was had all round.

The Creative Year is available at Tangent Books website:

Here are words Nev Boundy sent me the next day that I think are very relevant to you as the commissioner of the book:

“What a marvellous book – truly inspirational.  Thank you for it and for all the creative work you’ve encouraged and uncovered…”



Publisher: Tangent Books, Bristol – an arts publication for St Michael’s.
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The Creative Year celebrates the arts input to the church in recent years. The book is arranged around the seasons of the ancient liturgical year, and is an image-rich publication containing contributions from some of the many creative practitioners connected with the church as well as from congregation members, local residents and others further afield. Contributions include reflections on the arts, church and/or community life. Featuring over 100 colour plates and Forewords from the Bishop and Dean of Bristol, The Creative Year will interest parishes seeking to engage in the arts both as worship and mission, and the ‘creatives’ working alongside them. The book is written and designed by Jane as an extension of her work for St Michael’s as Artist in Residence from 2009-11.