Christening (Child Baptism).

In the Anglican Church a baptism service shows that the child is included as a member of the Church family.

When a child is baptised the family and the Church members look forward to the day when the promises made on behalf of the baby become personally real for the child. The child can later confirm the promises made at baptism at a confirmation service.


Some parents however are uncertain about having their children baptised until they are old enough to choose to follow the Christian faith.  In such cases they sometime choose a Service of Thanksgiving rather than a Baptism Service.

Adults Baptism

Adults new to the Christian Faith often choose as a sign of witness to their friends to be Baptised.

For a detailed description of the full baptism service, the wording used and the responses you will be asked to make. Click here:

Usually baptisms take place at a special service on Sunday at 12 noon’

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