Albert was born on the 12th December 1887 in the parish of Holy Nativity church, Knowle to parents James and Annie. He had a brother Frederick who died at a year old plus a brother William and sister Laura. In 1901 he is then living with his mother, sister and stepfather who worked as an omnibus stableman. They were living then at Clifton View Knowle under the surname of White. Albert joined the Royal Navy as a stoker and like all of his shipmates on HMS Monmouth he was killed age 26 when she was sunk at the Battle of Coronel on the 1st November 1914.


The loss of HMS Monmouth 1st November 1914

The German light cruiser Nurnberg had been trailing the German squadron and spotted the plume of smoke from Glasgow at 20:35, and then saw Monmouth with a 10-degree list to port shortly afterwards. As Nürnberg closed the range, Monmouth‍`s list increased so that none of the guns on her port side could be used. The German cruiser closed to within 600 yards (550 m) and illuminated her flag with its spotlight in the hopes that she would strike her colours and surrender. There was no response from the British ship and Nürnberg opened fire at 21:20, aiming high, but there was still no response. The German ship then fired a torpedo which missed and turned off its searchlight. Monmouth then increased speed and turned towards Nürnberg, which caused her to open fire again. Monmouth capsized at 21:58, taking her entire crew of 735 men with her as the seas were too rough to attempt any rescue effort.



His mother Annie was informed of his loss when she was living at 2 Cotswold Road Windmill Hill. Albert was awarded the 1914 Star plus the British War and Victory medals.