Join others from St Michael’s at

Gender Equality – overcoming poverty through transformation and partnership

Aiming To :

  • Bring about change in local and international communities to overcome women’s oppression and poverty

  • Encourage a new found hope/courage to bring a distinctive Christian influence to gender equality

Keynote Speaker: Elaine Storkey

Elaine Storkey is a philosopher, sociologist and theologian, having held posts at the Open University, King’s College, London, and the University of Oxford. From 1997 to 2013 she was President of Tearfund, involved in monitoring aid, relief and advocacy work in countries of the Global South. In 2010 she and her husband Alan became founder members of Restored, an organisation committed to advocating against violence to women. Her most recent book, Scars Across Humanity, deals with that subject.

Refreshments provided