The Licensing of Reverend Andrew Doarks as the new priest in charge

of St Michael and All Angels took place on Thursday 14th of June 2018, at 7:30 by the Bishop of Swindon and the Archdeacon of Bristol.


Thank you to everyone who came, and to those who helped as well. It was a lovely celebratory evening attended by many.


For those who were unable to attend the service which started at  7:30 and continued late into the evening. The evening consisted of the licensing and installation of Andrew Doarks as Priest in Charge, a 29 minute long sermon from the Bishop of Swindon which focused on community spirit, walking and being living stones. We were also asked to think about what St Michael’s means to us and within the community. Andrew was also presented with several important items such as a bible, bread, and wine by members of our congregation before ringing the church bell four times as a recognition to his new position in the church. These took place in between several hymns such as King of Kings, Majesty. Andrew was also welcomed by several members of the wider community and parish. Andrew’s first act as our new priest in charge was to read the upcoming notices which included inviting everyone to the 10 o’clock Sunday morning service. This was then followed by a range of canopies prepared by the congregation in the back room of the church.